Undergraduate teaching

I am a passionate instructor whose teaching is grounded in relational pedagogies and active learning. As a scholar with a disability, accessibility is a central consideration of my approach, and I work with students to ensure that diverse learning needs and styles are incorporated into course design. I prioritize transparency and compassion, creating an atmosphere of openness where students feel comfortable engaging, sharing, and learning together.

The Lives of Animals (GPHY 370)
Queen’s University, Fall 2019
The premise for this course is the observation that animals are at once so central to our economies, cultures, and ecologies, and yet routinely rendered invisible in dominant (humanist & anthropocentric) discourses. As scholar John Berger (1980) writes, “everywhere animals disappear”. This contradiction of centrality and disappearance necessitates a need and willingness to take animals seriously. This course fosters in-depth understanding and appreciation of human interactions with, and the lives of, animals through the animal geographies lenses of: (i) social constructions; (ii) power; (iii) networks; (iv) agency; and (v) subjectivity.

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